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15 Easy Travel Hacks For Any Frequent Traveller

Top Travel Hacks | Budget Airfare

No matter where you are going or when you are traveling, one is always looking for a good travel hack to make a trip easier. So whether you are backpacker, a business traveler or globetrotter  you should be able to use or at the very least, find helpful these travel hacks on your their next trip.

Here are 15 travel hacks that are surprisingly easy to use:

  • The Word Fragile
  • Extra Baggage
  • The Importance of Lip Balm
  • Use for the Hotel TV
  • Taxi Line Alternative
  • The Ultimate Water Bottle
  • Use for Google Maps
  • The Dryer
  • Shower Cap you never used
  • Multipurpose Pair of Sunglasses
  • Refreshing Baby Wipes
  • Water and Straws
  • Business Travel Clothing
  • Airport Wi Fi
  • A Binder Clip

Some of the suggestions in the list may be more for emergencies or if your are in a pinch, while others will be helpful regardless of how you are traveling or for what reason. So without further ado, here are 15 of my favorite travel hacks:

Best Use of the Word Fragile

Best Travel Hacks

In this and age of being charged for every single thing when flying on almost every airline, you can minimize, at least, the baggage fees by being able to take one less piece of luggage simply by rolling your close and the packing them into the suitcase instead of the traditional fold method.

Either before you get to the airport or when you check your bags be sure to write or event better have a sticker put on your bag that says ‘FRAGILE‘.

Although there is no guarantee they will treat your bags any better, they should at least but them on last and toward the top.

The real advantage here however is that since they are usually put on top of the others, it will be one of the first bags to hit the carousel and you’ll be able to get out of the airport quicker

Saving Money with Extra Baggage

If you think your close to your baggage weight limit before you leave for your trip and you know you will be doing some shopping, make sure you bring an extra, small suitcase with you so you can fill it up if need be in order to save on the weight overage charge as usually a 2nd bag is not as expensive as weight overage.

I pack a small duffle bag from Osprey that is very small when not in use but if needed, opens up to a large bag to put your things into.

The Importance of Lip Balm

This hack falls under the “in case of emergency, break glass” category but put say $100 bill or a couple of $50”s in lip balm tube.

Should something unfortunate happens to you and you lose your wallet, or you get it stolen from you ( they’re going to look for wallets or money clips, something that usually contains cold hard cash)

You’ll have your “lip balm” stored away and be able to have access to some immediate cash until you can get some additional emergency funds.

Another Use for the Hotel TV

Did you forget the plug to charge your phone or other electronics? As long as you have a USB cord, with the proper ending for your device,  you can use them through the TV in your hotel room or other suitable devices as more modern TV’s and devices have this option.

Taxi Line Alternative

Tired of waiting on line for a taxi at the airport with everyone else that has just arrived? Then head on over to the departure area of the airport you landed in and get one of taxi’s that are dropping off people who are leaving on a flight of their own…

The Ultimate Water Bottle

Best Travel Hacks

Instead of throw away water bottles at airport security and or holding onto your empties, I am thankful for the  innovative Vapur Water Bottle.

Fill it up and then when it’s empty, just roll it away and pop it in your pocket. Travelling with this also means you’re helping the environment as well, which is always a good thing.

Yet another Use for Google Maps

If you are travelling to a place with either limited or very expensive mobile data try out Google Maps Offline Here you can save an offline version of certain areas and neighborhoods you want to visit so you bring it up without being online.

Of course, the key to this is you have save the offline place while you are connected to a place with free or fast data service.  There are few limitations such as no driving directions but its great alternative. A not very well know secret to this you can also save destinations in rich detail by typing ‘OK Maps’ into the search bar.

The maps app then saves what’s on the screen including points of interest, restaurants, shops and stations for you to use at a later date.

More then Just for the Dryer

Put a few of these in your suitcase .. Under the umbrella of you can’t put a price tag on some things, Dryer sheets are cheap and disposable but at the same time can do everything from keeping your clothes smelling fresh while traveling to deodorizing smelly shoes.

They also have the added benefit of being able to freshen up a hotel pillowcase or bathroom should the need arise (hopefully not)

The Shower Cap you never used

You can pack shoes in a shower cap so they don’t get your clothes dirty (soles first). You don’t necessarily need a shower cap to do this as you use other things such as a large zip lock bag to get the same job done ( some find it more practical) but, for me, the shower cap is the easiest way.

The Multipurpose Pair of Sunglasses

Travel Hacks with Sunglasses

Make use of your sunglasses while on a plane or other place and use them as a support. Simply place your glasses upside down with the temple pieces curve-up, open the temple pieces slightly, and rest your phone on them. You can google this term if need a more visual idea of how it works.

The Refreshing Baby Wipes

We started using these when the kids arrived and have used them ever since. It may sound simple but every once in a while using them for you hands and/or face can magically improve your day. Just try it and let me know.

Water Water Water

For the hikers and campers out there, I think you’ll find nothing more helpful or important as the Lifestraw. You can use it to purify water from anywhere and its light and easy to carry.

Business Travel Clothing

For the business traveler, here is one for you! To keep your collar stiff just use a belt to keep your business shirt collar stiff so you don’t show up at your meeting looking like you just got off the plane.

The Indispensable Airport Wi Fi

Why wait? Get the airport’s Wi-Fi password before you show up and save yourself some time. This helpful website gives you the passwords for about 266 different international airports and airport lounges if your fortunate to have access

The Ultimate MacGyver Tip – A Binder Clip

Binder Clip as a Travel Hack

Here are a just few uses for the trusty ol binder clip.  You can use it on toothpaste tubes or you can use it as a cover for razors and you can also use it as a money clip. Just keep one or two with you and you will soon discover a multitude of uses for them.

Final Thoughts

There are many other hacks out there for the avid traveler and there are new ones coming out all the tine.  I hope you find at least a few of  the ones I listed here useful for your next trip. So, try a few of these out on your next vacation or business trip and if you happen to come up with one your own, let us know.