How To Find The Best Airfare and Flights To Anywhere

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Tips and Advice on Finding Budget Airfare and Flights

Use a Good Online Airfare Engine 

You should start by getting a baseline for the cost of your flight by checking a with a booking engine like for example like CheapTickets  or whichever is your favorite as they will list all the airlines, with a few exceptions like Southwest or more budget carriers, to see what the current prices are. Then if you have a preferred airline you go to that airline directly and compare the rates

Know What a Cheap Price Is

You need to be able to recognize a good price, so that you can buy the ticket whenever you see that great airfare rate. If you don’t know that $150 is a good price from say Miami to New York, then you’ll never know if the price you see is a worth it or not, and you’ll just be buying without really knowing.

Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates

Tickets are usually more expensive during peak travel times and during peak travel seasons. If you can adjust your travel plans to take advantage of “off” times, days, and seasons, or search over a period of time rather than for specific days and times, you’re far more likely to find the best price you can get.

Set Airfare Price Alerts 

These are amazing for those who are flexible. They tell you when the price of a flight has gone down allowing you to take full advantage of low fares. Pick your favorite destinations and maybe some farfetched one and set up an alert – you might find some amazing deals.

Fly Budget Airlines

If you can travel light and don’t really need the amenities that these “full service” airlines offer you can save some big money.

Booking your Flights Certain Days

Trying getting flight on Tuesdays, and Thursdays and look at red-eye flights are two quick ways to save money

Avoid School Vacation, Holidays  and Special Events

If you’re not traveling with children then I suggest flying outside of the school vacation breaks. You will save tons of money. The same hold true for travel during the holiday seasons and special events like the Olympics, World Cup etc.

Avoid Direct Flights

There is a good chance you can save money by flying with multiple airlines and/or doing a short stop in a airlines hub city. Keep in mind though that if you are flying different airlines, it is not the airline’s responsibility to help you out if your flight is delayed and you miss your second (or God forbid third) flight.