Budget Hotels and Rooms – A Brief Guide

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There are some many choices out there now and so many search engines for budget hotels it can get very confusing on who has the best deal and now matter which one you go with, you always wonder in the end if you could have gotten a bigger discounts on hotel rooms by using that other site. Therefore I would like to offer you a few tips on ways to get the a good deal… maybe not the best deal.. but a good deal without driving yourself crazy and not spending hours online looking a different sites.

Concentrate – don’t get anxious when you see the by the “only 2 rooms left” or the “10 rooms already sold” and then start to feel rushed into getting a room.. Simply take your time and look at all your options and what you want in a hotel and its room

Its better to think about the price and not the discount.. Look at the number and decide if that is what you would like or can afford to pay for a room taking into consideration what you would like from your hotel such as location, breakfast included etc.

Dates.. this one has the potential to be a big money saver. If you are staying a Sunday night in low season, for example, you can be fairly confident that there is no need to rush to book. A major holiday weekend is another matter altogether and you should be prepared to act quickly if you see a good deal.

Use the right search option – Its always best to search by price instead of other option such as recommended or staff favorites. If you see a hotel at a good price then use another site such as yelp or trip advisor to get others opinions about the hotel you are looking at

Hopefully this will give you a couple of good pointers when you are searching for a budget hotel and I hope you find the deal that you are looking for. I have a link above to Cheap Tickets which might help you begin your search and get you on your way to big savings.