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12 Best Travel Items For Airplanes

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What is the best travel gear to take on a plane?

Whether you do a lot of travelling and are constantly flying to this place to that or you are planning on taking the trip of a lifetime, we all know that sometimes and maybe more often than not, travelling by plane can be both a painful and frustrating experience.

Going from the check in lines to the security lines that by the time you get on that plane you are looking for some way, anyway, to make that experience all the more easy for you.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so! All it takes is just bringing with you a few essential items of travel gear and you can at the very least reduce the chances of having an uncomfortable flight.

So where do you start?

Perhaps you already began by going to your local mall and looked in stores for something to make your travel on an airplane easier and potentially, dare I say … more enjoyable?

But in the end you didn’t find anything or there were so many options that you still couldn’t decide what is the best travel gear to take with you?

Whether you are flying just a couple times per year or you are a frequent flyer, why not take a look of some of my ideas below which, through much trial and error and many many flights have helped me in getting from departure to arrival with a smile on my face( or at least a grin)

I am sure there’s bound to be something in here that they’ll like and that will make your next trip more enjoyable.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best Headphones for Airplanes

Why? Because somethings you just can’t put a price tag on. From the crystal clear sound to the ability to drown out the ambient noise, having a set of these headphones just makes travelling on a airplane a much more pleasant experience, especially after what you have gone through just to get to your seat. there are a few types and you don’t necessarily have to get the latest and they all do the job well, you just have to see which fits your budget.

You can check them out on Amazon and pick up a pair, your ears will thank you!

Cell Phone Charger

Best Portable Charger for Airplanes

Doesn’t it always seem to happen that once you get on the plane and in your seat, your ready to either listen to some music, read a book you downloaded or just watch that movie you downloaded onto to your phone and where waiting to watch so you could kill some time on your way to your destination. wanting to see but where holding off until you got that and the time.

Then what happens?

You either get the low battery warning or worse yet the phone goes out… Having a cell phone battery charger avoids this potential catastrophe and saves you from that long flight of nothing to do but staring at the back of the seat in front of you. The  Ankar PowerCore 10000 from Amazon is the one I recommend as it  is very reasonably priced for what it does.

Hand Sanitizer

Best Hand Sanitizer for Airplanes

Have you read the recent articles? Now I don’t want to make you overly paranoid about this but in todays day and age with the pressure of getting the passengers off the plane and getting the new ones on in order for the airlines to leave on time, sometimes, the aircraft is not cleaned as well as it should be.

So, since there are no degrees in careful it can’t hurt to take some hand sanitizer or wipes to clean the tray table and any remotes for online entertainment that come with your seat..

As the old Benjamin Franklin saying goes .. “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

12-Month National Geographic Magazine Subscription

National Geographic for Travel

Why? Because its great reading and phenomenal photography that both parents and kids can enjoy.

Some travellers may not take the time to subscribe but they will love you not only once, but 12 times a year when the mag arrives on their door step!Plus you get to read ’em too hence why it’s another one of my clever airfare travelling gift ideas.

You can subscribe for really cheap on Amazon

Travel Sweater

Best Sweater for Airplane Travel

Whats worse then an 8 hour flight in small seat? An 8 hour flight and a small seat and your freezing. At times we become complacent, especially if we live in warmer climate and we forget how cold airplanes can get.

In today and age with all the new materials that clothing is made with, its always a good idea to carry a lightweight sweater or jacket with you to avoid freezing while your trying to get to your destination.

You can check out this Womans Cardigan for more relaxed travel or if you are going to be doing more outdoor stuff or hiking look at something like this Patagonia Sweater

Travel Shoes:

Best Flip Flops for Airplane Travel

So your in your seat, take your shoes off and comfortable with you sweater on and then you get about an hour into your flight when nature calls.

The thought of bending down while the seat in front of you is reclined to put your shoes back on does not sound very appealing?

Nor does the thought of walking down the aisle and entering into one of the bathrooms with your favorite pair of socks, or worse yet, in your bare feet!.So what the alternative?

How about a nice pair of light weight flip flops such as the OnOluKai Holomua (for him)  or Chaco Reversiflip (for her)both of which you can find on Amazon or by going to the respective company directly .

The same goes for the Vans Classic Slip if you prefer a more classic shoe.  In any of these cases, this types of footwear  can easily be taken on and off and therefore make your way down and back to the restrooms or leg stretch without a problem.

Alka Seltzer and Tylenol

Best Pills for Airplane Travel

There are, on occasion, whether we are on vacation or travelling for business that we may overindulge at either the pre flight lounge or during your time on the plane.

And by the time you reach your destination you have a pounding headache and perhaps and upset stomach from either the food you ate at the airport before boarding or from the food you ate while on the plane..

Its at times like these where having that small container of Tylenol and a couple of Alka Seltzer pills really come in handy. Besides, if you don’t need it you could sure become somebodies hero when you offer them either one.

Travel Pillow

Best Travel Pillow for Airplanes

I always thought one of these was a bit cumbersome to travel with and not worth the added bulk that it took to carry with you on plane.

That was until I tried one on a flight I recently took to Paris and what a difference it made in the quality of the sleep I got not to mention not waking up in the middle of the night with neck cramps.

It also avoided the awkward situation of leaning on the shoulder of the stranger next to you or the freezing head you get when propped up against the window..

Now I still don’t think I would take one on a short flight but for those long haul trips? It’s a great addition to my carry on gear.

The one I used for Paris, I got on Amazon and was the Trtl Pillow and would highly recommend it.  There are plenty of other makes and styles so get the one that fits your needs.

Water Bottle

Best Water Bottle For Travel

Now we all should be aware by now of the importance of keeping hydrated when flying. The issue comes when you bringing that water on an airplane. The first one being you cannot take a full water bottle when you go through airport security.

However this does not prevent you from taking an empty water bottle which can fill up once you get through security. Once you get through you can either fill it up by buying a bottle from one the kiosks or if your not averse to drinking tap water you can always fill it up at either a water fountain or if you belong to one of the lounge programs you can fill it up there. If that is route you, you can add a filter which will remove chemicals and other contaminants.

Having your water bottle has many advantages not the least of which you won’t have to wait for the flight attendant to get to you before you giving you the smallest bottle of water you have ever seen or in one of those plastic cups that always seem to slip and slide on the food tray.

The one I recommend can be found on Amazon and  is the Square by Clean bottle. As the name implies, its square so it won’t have to go chasing it as it go rolling down the plane aisle should you accidentally drop it.

Its really well made and it very light which it makes it easy to take with you. It also comes apart on both the top and bottom which makes it a breeze to clean.

Compression Socks

Compression socks for Airplane Travel

Socks are really not your first thought when getting organized for you flight. However putting in a pair of compression socks in your carry on can really make your flight more enjoyable.

Compression Sock work to improve blood flow by gently forcing blood in your legs to flow back up toward your heart, which increases the rate of circulation and on long flights were your sitting for long periods of time, putting on a pair can be invaluable. Check out the Sockwell Socks on Amazon.. For Men or For Women


Best Food for Airplanes

The food you eat on your flight can really make the difference on how you feel upon your arrival. It can make the difference between arriving at your destination and your ready just to get your hotel and rest or arriving with energy and ready to explore or work.

Although plane food especially in the economy class can be a real crap shoot, you can take control of the situation by bringing some of the following as a supplement or an addition to what they give you on the flight. We recommend bring some or all of the following:


Especially almonds. Try to avoid salted nuts as they will make you dehydrated.]


Bananas, apples, or dried fruit without added sugar work well and won’t make a mess

Trail Mix

Stick to mixes of nuts, dried fruit, and seeds. Avoid ones with chocolate-covered anything. Trader Joe’s has a huge selection of good trail mixes.

Granola Bars

Clif Bars work well as do fruit and nut bars. Just check the nutritional information because many bars are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients.

What not to bring? ..

jerky.. your family and your seat buddies will thank you

Carry On Luggage

Carry on luggage comes in all shapes and sizes, so which the best for you? That is a hard call to make as everyone has there own preferences on what they need. However, I can give you suggestions from my own personal experience.

For me, the carry on bag has to fit a loose set of criteria. It should be large but not bulky. I want to be able to easily put it above the space overhead but also in a pinch be able to fit under the seat so I an, not have to forced to check it. For these reasons, a hard cases or even rolling cases doesn’t work for.

I also want a small pouch area, preferably at the top where I can put a pen and some paper. It also has to be large enough to be able to empty my pockets of my cell phone, wallet, and loose change so I can through security quicker and not have to put all this stuff in one those small plastic boxes that the give you if don’t any other place to put it.

I also want it to double as a day pack for when I am in the city I am visiting. But of course, above all else, it has to be durable. I do not want it falling apart on me at the airport, on the plane or when I am walking around.

Given this set up , the number 1 bag I recommend and have been using for years is the Osprey Porter 46. You can check out the latest prices on Amazon.