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5 Best Toiletry Bags for Men and Women

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One of the more important items that need to go with you whenever and wherever you travel is the Toiletry Bag or Dopp Kit (a type of toiletry bag where there is a central zipper at the top of the bag ) . And although you COULD go without one and decide to go with the zip lock bag route, I would tell you in the end you will save yourself alot of headaches and be happier in the end if you get a sturdy well constructed bag. This bag should last you a long time and the more you start to use one the more you are going to ask yourself ( much like a cell phone) “how did travel without one”. Now, there is no utopian bag as they all of the seem to have there plus and minuses and what you may fine vital to have in one, someone may not.

When I am looking for a Toiletry Bag or Dopp Kit, I am considering some the following:

  • Price  – My starting point. I look for bags at the price point I can afford or at least willing to pay
  • Lots of pockets – I like pockets.. It helps to keep me organized
  • Material that is Easy to clean – I always seem to have something break not matter how careful I am
  • The ability to hang – As important if not more then price for me.. A must have!
  • Storage-  Trade off storage and size so design is important

Therefore, with that set of criteria in hand, I am going to list here a top 5 list of both men and women’s bags ( with links to Amazon) that I would use or give to my wife to use when we travel:

Toiletry Bags for Men

eBags Pack-it Flat Toiletry Bag – it has 4 compartments with the option to expand. The flat design make its easy to pack and to travel with but don’t let that fool you. It has a large central compartment as well as more narrow side compartments. It also has a hook for easy hanging. It also comes in a variety of sizes and colors so you can make it slightly more personal. Oh and did I mention it comes with a lifetime guarantee? You don’t see that very often anymore.

Zero Grid Travel Dopp Bag –  This is a relatively new company and a first glance at this bag you at not be overly impressed. But if you give it some time I think you will find this bag very useful. The bag is very resistent to abrasions and scratches and is a bag you can take almost anywhere. The bag has a high quality YKK zipper, is TSA compliant and comes with multiple elastic handles, which makes it easy to put up anywhere.  Its lightweight, very durable and easy to clean which checks a lot my boxes for an  ideal toiletry bag. I think you will be hearing a lot of this company in the future

Carhartt Legacy Travel Kit-  Even though Carhartt has been around for awhile and may not be your first thought when it comes to Dopp or Toiletry bag, this Legacy is a water-Resistant traditional Dopp Kit that will allow you to quickly access anything you need from its main compartment. Its also has the benefit of being lined with water resistant coating in case of any spills and there’s also a convenient side handle for carrying. This bag may not have all the bells and whistles of others but it may with Carhartt quality and will last you for years to come.

Patagonia Black Hole Cube 2L – Not your typical toiletry bag but could make for ideal dopp kit or toiletry bag. Its a very versatile bag and tough and great for short trips. Its consists of a weather repellent DWR-coated ripstop and a spacious interior. It also has a mesh pocket to things a little more organized and also lets the wet stuff dry. On the outside it has some useful loops in case you need to clip something on to it.

Vetelli – This is if you are travelling and want to make more of an impression.. .. Its has a classic design and you can either hang it (my preference or lay it flat. When you open it up it has 2 large pockets and 2 smaller ones . Its a little on the larger side so you can bring more things with you but would be better to travel in your suitcase instead of your carryon. So if you are just going away for a weekend and are not checking any bags, this may not be the best choice. The bag is made of a special type of leather that makes it easy to clean and is water resistant.

Toiletry Bags for Women

Mr.Pro Waterproof Travel Kit Organizer – To save you some time if your looking for a small toiletry bag, this one would not be an ideal choice. This bag is on the larger side and has alot of pockets that are small to large and has some long pockets as well. This is hanging bag and is made of high quality material that makes it strong and should last for a long time. In addition to the variety of sizes you also have a quite a few colors to choose from as well

Sea to Summit Travelling Light  Toiletry Bag –  Going in the opposite direction in regards to size this bag is ideal for those women who don’t need alot of space and want a bag that is super light. The bag also has the obligatory mesh pockets which allow your wet items to breath and not retain any water. The hook on the bag is on the smaller side but there weren’t any problems in hanging the bag wherever we went.

Dakine Revival Kit M – This bag is a bit more stylish then the others but it doesn’t sacrifice quality or design. It comes with two small internal zippered pockets for the smaller pieces, and large removable plastic pouch for any liquids you are traveling with. Some people consider it more of cosmetic bag then a toiletry bag but I think you can use it as either one.. or even both

Osprey Ultralight – I am big fan of products from Osprey, so it no surrprise that I have added this toiletry bag to my list. This three compartments including a detachable, transparent liquids container, a small pop-out mirror, and of course the obligatory hook so that you can hang it anywhere. It also comes in a variety of interesting colors and some made up of some durable fabric.

Fjallraven Toiletry Bag – This one is a little on the spendy side and and not one you will commonly see. The bag is made by a finnish company and what it may lack in style it more the end makes up for it with incredible craftsmanship ( if you can say that about a toiletry bag). It has one large main area with additional inside pockets. They have made it so its easy to clean and padded all the way around. Of course, it has the a indispensable hook ( on the inside) to make it easy to hang.


I  hope you find one of these bags useful and that you are able to put it to good use. However,  If you don’ t care for any of the bags I recommended, no worries. There are lots of options out there to choose from. All you need to know is what qualities you are looking for in a bag in order to find a good one that works for you. Good Travels!